The Olympic Aquatic Centre

Olympic Aquatic Centre

Pyrostyle Doors and Screens & Unique Entrance

Project: Olympic Aquatic Centre
Contractor/Customer: Balfour Beatty
Architect: Zaha Hadid
Date of Completion: 2012

Our unique designs for the 60 minute Integrity Fire Doors and Screens with no vertical support between the glazed side screens were the result of an intense consultation period with this exacting Architect.

We were further challenged to solve the design for the Umpire’s fire rated vision panels which had to be constructed from non-reflective glass so they could view what was happening in the pool and diving areas without distortion. What’s more we needed to integrate the vision panels into the walls combining aesthetics with material tolerance.

A bespoke entrance and glass canopy were also designed for the Olympics. Following this historic sporting event we were involved with the Transformation Project where we installed a prominent external glass lift enclosure, which can be seen in Queen Elizabeth Park, which transports people from the upper level to the river walks.

The Olympic project is yet another example of Stewart Fraser’s dedication to detail and ability to work collaboratively with architects.