Blaze of glory for new Fire Door

16th March 2017

Blaze of glory for new Fire Door

Here at Stewart Fraser we understand the importance to continually innovate, develop and improve our products. That’s why we’re so pleased to announce that the new version of our insulated glazed fire door, which was rigorously tested at Cambridge Fire Research on 24th February, passed with flying colours!


Cambridge Fire Research (CFR) is a specialist UK fire resistance and product development test laboratory. It provides ISO/IEC 17025:2005 UKAS accredited fire tests to a variety of British, European, US and International standards, relevant to building codes, CE marking and 3rd-party approval. It also conducts indicative and ad-hoc fire tests for the purposes of product development and certification. A Notified Body of the European Commission, CFR is able to deliver fire testing services necessary for product conformity assessment to harmonised Product Standards and ETAGs (Guidelines for European Technical Approval) under the EU Construction Products Directive/Regulation.


The new Pyrostyle EI60 Fire Door, fire rated for integrity and insulation, is certificated to BS EN 1634-1:2000. The door is glazed with 25-3 Pyroguard glass and impact tested to EN 12600 Class 1B1 (Equivalent to BS 6206 Class A/) and this glazing provides 41db sound reduction.


What’s significant about this for our customers is that when building regulations demand an insulated door, they will no longer have to compromise with a standard cumbersome product; the Stewart Fraser Pyrostyle Insulated door integrates exceptional design to ensure that the sight lines of the vertical stiles are architecturally appealing. We’re excited to bring another pioneering product to the glass fire door industry.