About Us

Based at our own factory and office in Ashford, Kent, Stewart Fraser has been providing a bespoke service to developers, architects, contractors and designers since 1945. We combine traditional handcrafting skills with advanced machining technology to meet the most exacting specifications.

Our vision of delivering quality products also includes making strategic alliances with manufacturing partners, sharing best practice in sourcing materials or processing techniques for the benefit of our clients.

Whether cost effective aluminium shop fronts, Pyrostyle fire rated doors, specialist metal section forming or large scale entrances (such as the platform edge screens and doors on London’s Jubilee Line) Stewart Fraser delivers exceptional complete solutions from estimation to installation.

Fire Doors

Unrivaled protection and inspirational design with the Pyrostyle fire rated doors and screens product range.

Curtain Wall Systems & Entrances

Create a visual impact that delivers on performance with our bespoke shop fronts and door solutions.


Metal Pressings & Profiles

Specialist metal section and roll forming solutions with limitless possibilities.